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Meeting Challenges of Vertical High-Rise Buildings

Some of the key challenges in providing satellite TV service in a high-rise office building are the cost per tenant to have their own dish installed on the roof as well as the fire-rated vertical and horizontal cabling cost associated with establishing service. For property ownership and management, the concerns are the ever growing dish farms that collect on their rooftops that become abandoned when tenants move out and the cabling left behind in the riser closets. Total Media Concepts has a powerful solution and can make DIRECTV Commercial programming available to tenants in your high-rise office building more affordable and eliminates the ever-growing dish farm on your rooftop!

Scalable Systems

Total Media Concepts with DIRECTV have the ability to design a fully scalable managed system and can provide complete High Definition DIRECTV for business service to all tenants in your commercial high-rise building with one DIRECTV dish on the roof. As each tenant desires service, we can connect them to a nearby riser closet that has a scalable hub. Once service is established the tenant can choose the best DIRECTV business package to fit their needs. As demand increases, we manage and scale the system as needed. The system is called D2 Advantage and is approved by DIRECTV for use in multiple tenant unit buildings.

State-of-the-Art Solutions

Total Media Concepts is a certified D2 Advantage DIRECTV MTU dealer and has negotiated agreements, and maintains systems in many Class A high-rise office buildings in downtown San Francisco. Let us help take your building to a state-of-the-art level and revolutionize how High Definition DIRECTV service is provided to your tenants with a scalable, managed solution!

In order to learn more about DIRECTV for business in your high-rise office building, please call us now without any obligation at 877-341-2300.